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Newbury Elementary School
Phone: 802-866-5621
Fax: 802-866-3345
PO Box 68
Newbury, VT 05051

Special Dates   

Thursday, June 5      Twin Day, sponsored by Student Council
Come dressed like a friend and spend the day as twins.

Monday, June 16      Last Day of School 
(full day, release time at 2:40)


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"If you tell me the sky is the limit that's a lie, 

because there are footprints on the moon."


submitted by Carissa Lasure

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Our Mission 

Newbury Elementary School is a community of motivated learners dedicated to the development and success of the whole child by promoting a positive climate, staff collaboration, family support, and high standards.

Our School 
Newbury Elementary School is located on the Newbury Village Common in the lovely Cohase region of Vermont along the Connecticut River. Our talented staff is dedicated to a humanistic approach to teaching and learning. We view ourselves as a community of learners and our teachers see themselves as active participants in the learning process. Students learn "how to learn" and are expected to be fully engaged in the process of inquiry and responsible class discussion. Our goal is to enable students to become more active and responsible for their own learning processes. Newbury students have many opportunities to learn from their local community as well. We have many local farms and organizations that invite our students to visit and explore the world outside of school. To prepare our students for the challenges of adolescence, social thinking and personal development is also part of our school's academic focus.